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Friday, July 07, 2006

Hi Guys,
I'm back with some more gorgous swimwear from Lola Luna of France. This one is called 'Haiti' and has a stuning geometric print in soft peachy shades. The string hass small resin beads on either side and is perfectly shaped for a stunning derriere! The colours will complement any skin tone as they are so soft and gentle. the fabric is a swimwear one and I got mine today. One of the perks of working for is I get the pick of the new stock! Eh? cant be bad! Im getting excited about my summer hol this year but I still dont know what to do with my puss, Percy! My aunt volunteered a few weeks ago but she's kinda backin out now. (I think the ripped up sofa leg doesn't sell him too well! arh bless!) Ive been done the sun shop and got a few tans so I wont look like a vanilla icecream on the beach! Thats why I'm taking the Nafytoo cover-up as well for those first few days of not being tanned enough to strut yer stuff at the bar!
I notice the 'Babe' lingerie is back in stock. This really has gone so well. The peep bra is really a kinda half cup covered in pink satin and the peep bit is actually two pieces of sheer musiln that saucily allow a peep show! were on Karrang Radio a few weeks ago and the glam model on Tim Shaws Assylum show wore the 'Babe' stuff! You can see pics on their site.
Thankfully the footie is almost over - YAWN- how long has that been!!? England played real terrible and I reckon ole shrek will be workin up a sweat jus thinking of Rinaldo!!
We've had some fab weather the last week, scorchin hot but too muggy! Definately puts you in the mood for summer sun and holidays.
Check out the Kama Sutra travel kits and the feather ticklers - great fun have also got some fab new toys and more 'cumin' (sorry!) soon. A real fav is the rock chic , this is designed by women for women. Its not yer usual phallic vibe but is desigened to hit the g-spot and be a clit massager as well! Best of both worlds.