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Friday, June 23, 2006

New this summer!
Hiya everyone,
This is the new Seville deisgner bikini by Lola Luna of France. One of my fav french designers. They make gorgeous stuff in really unique materials. This is my fav out of the new Summer collection. Its actually not as orangey as it looks here, its more of a pillarbox red. Its stunning and its got a lovely dangly beaded bit at the front. The fabric is very sheer on the traingle top, so its not for the shy - but its great as a cover-up if you cant go topless but still get a bit of a tan through the fabric. The micro sting does have a modesty bit of fabric sewn in, so its not completely see through. Its got lovely shimmering gold print in places, it really is very pretty. Woh the sun just popped out for a few mins there. Its turned a bit grey in London today and its colder. But it does warm u up just to daydream of all those possible hol places u could goto! Ive been told that this bikini is quite limited edition so get one while you can.
Even though I work for FlirtyorDirty, it is my fav site for lingerie and toys. Sites like figleaves only stock all the boring runofthemill stuff. FlirtyorDirty is seriously sexy but they dont stock any itchy scatchy cheap stuff. I love shopping and scannin the net for fashion sites. I do nearly all my shoppin on the net now! FlirtyorDirty also stock games and travel kits that are great fun! The toy collection is lovely with some really unusual things like the minx by ShiriZinn but on a travel note the cutesy little I rub my duckie (travel sized) is so sweet youve gotta take it along with u! Just make sure u take the batteries out before u fly or youll get some dodgy moments of noises happening in your case! It happened to my friends sister - not what you need at checkin! Although the duckie can only bring a smile to peoples faces, its so sweet! FlirtyorDirty do lots of other pretty vibes and unsual whips and cuffs for a bit of fun in the sun! We have to make up our own indoor entertainment in the UK as its so often miserable out there. The sexy games section is good fun too - plenty to get on with. Beats monopoly any day! Theres a few travel-sized games for saucy weekends or holiday romance.
this is another gorgeous bikini by Nafytoo. Theyre french and a new brand. They only make crochet cover-ips, bikinis and stuff like that. It all has beads and lovely little details. The string ties up and is REALLY MICRO! I love it, now I just need that perfect tan! I keep lookin but I havent booked a hol yet, heres hopin for Ibiza again, I just need to save up a bit first.
Well i'd better get on with work, or actually - I think ill have a coffee break and see if the cute guy from the first floor is at the machine! Seeya.
Syble x x